Seminar on EPA and EMP conducted by officials from Ministry of Environment

Complying with the rules and regulations and laws in force is what Phnom Penh SEZ Plc., as a zone developer, is always trying to achieve. And we want our investors to do the same.

Environmental Protection Agreement or EPA is one of the necessary procedures all investors are required to go through. However, the way to proceed and the documents to prepare is still not clear to a lot companies, even though most of them are willing or ready to apply.

 Taking this matter into consideration, we initiated the ideas of getting our investors to get to listen and ask for themselves about what and how they need to do the procedure. The main purpose is to create chance for our investors to ask the official in charge about the actual procedure of EPA and especially how to prepare Environmental Management Plan or EMP which is one of the necessary attachments.

As a result, on Thursday, 23rd August 2018, a seminar was conducted with the presents of some officials in charge from Ministry of Environment. Due to the time constraint, the main purpose was not fully achieved. However, our investors could receive better understanding about the importance and necessity of conducting the procedure.

We will try harder to assist our investors to be able to conduct this procedure altogether.

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