Welcome Message from H.E. Sok Chenda

Secretary General, Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC)

I take great pleasure in introducing you to Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ), which within only a few years has become the leading Cambodian investment destination and production base for many international companies investing in Southeast Asia.

Conveniently located near the capital Phnom Penh and only 10 minutes from Phnom Penh International Airport, it is one of the most attractive places for your effective investment in the region.

With a small but fast growing domestic market of over 15 m people, the Kingdom of Cambodia has emerged as one of the safest and most dynamic economies in the region. An average GDP growth of 8% over the past 10 years has exceeded all expectations, and through its membership in ASEAN (since 1999) and in the World Trade Organization (since 2004), the country has made tremendous progress in integrating its emerging economy into the regional and global trading systems.

Most of Cambodia's export products enjoy duty-free and quota-free (DFQF) treatment by the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Norway as well as for over 8,000 tariff lines for exports to the USA and Japan.

The Republic of Korea and China have extended similar treatments for many products made in Cambodia, while ASEAN's 6 founding members provide duty-free access under the ASEAN Integration System of Preferences (AISP).

Cambodia is strategically located at the center of ASEAN and aims to become a key center for manufacturing, hoping to serve over 600 million consumers once the ASEAN Economic Community is created in 2015.

Generous investment incentives such as a corporate income tax rate of 20%, up to 9 years tax holiday and full duty exemption for Qualified Investment Projects (QIP), no exchange rate control, no restriction on repatriation of profits, no restriction on investment in any sector and no restriction on ownership of a company are further proof of Cambodia's openness towards international investors.

Producing in Cambodia is an economic and fast way to propel your company's products to the world market - with unmatched financial advantages for your business.

At the Council for the Development of Cambodia, we continue to work closely with investors who we see as partners in the development of our economy - you can count on our support for your secure investment in Cambodia.

Our capital Phnom Penh has grown into a vibrant and welcoming urban center in Southeast Asia, today being one of the most attractive places in the region for expatriates and international experts to work, and live in. The city offers hundreds of international standard restaurants, café’s and pubs. Cinemas, cultural centers and world-class schools will make your team feel at home within weeks. And Phnom Penh’s international and helpful business community will be sure to support your first moves in Cambodia.

With a sound, transparent and predictable legal framework, with a large and eager young workforce, with a wide range of trade preferences offered to your production and exports, and located in the heart of Southeast Asia - why not come to invest in Cambodia now?

I look forward to welcoming you in Cambodia.

H.E. Sok Chenda

Minister attached to the Prime Minister 
Secretary General, Council for the Development of Cambodia
Secretary General, Cambodian Investment Board 
Secretary General, Cambodian Special Economic Zone Board

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