Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. Held the 6th Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting (AGM) 2022

On Thursday 28 April 2022, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. (PPSP) held our 6th Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting at Cambodiana Hotel from 9:00 – 11:30 AM, with the date of Recording on 08 April 2022. The meeting had a quorum was present:

•       Total shareholders: 2,610 holding 71,875,000 shares for 100%

•       Total of the participant: 61 holding 64,141,195 shares for 89.24%

The following directors were present at the meeting:

1.        Neak Oknha Kith Meng, Non-Executive Chairman (Online)

2.       Mr. UEMATSU Hiroshi, Executive Director/CEO

3.        Mr. Otsubo Hiroshi, Non-Executive Director (Online)

4.        Mr. Mark Hanna, Non-Executive Director

5.        Mr. Arthur Law Hian Tat , Independent Director

6.        Mr. Kang Wei Geih, Independent Director (Online)

7.        Mr. Tanate Piriyothinkul, Non-Executive Director (Online)

Neak Oknha Kith Meng, Non-Executive Chairman mentioned that he would like to assure the shareholders that we are working closely with the management team of PPSP to integrate and expand on its existing business reach by leveraging and incorporating all the other business activities within the Royal Group of Companies to enable further synergistic effects and growth for the Company and also to contribute to society and the economy of the country.


Last but not least, the shareholders approved on the six resolutions at the AGM as the following:  

1)   To Approve Financial Statements of the Year Ended 31st December 2021       

2)   To Approve Re-election and Appointment of Company Directors for New Mandate           

               2.1)    Mr. UEMATSU HIROSHI Executive Director/ CEO 28th April 2022 to 28th April 2024      

               2.2)    Mr. TANATE PIRIYOTHINKUL   Non-Executive Director

3)  To Approve the Minutes of Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting Year 2021 

4)  To Approve the External Auditor’s Appointment (To Continue the Next Audit)

5)  To Approve the Renewal of Authority for Shares Buyback          

6) To Approve the SPECIAL RESOLUTION: The Change of Name of the Company from “Phnom Penh SEZ Plc.” To “Royal Group Phnom Penh SEZ Plc.”


To our shareholders, business associates, financiers, advisors and regulatory authorities, we thank everyone for their continued support, cooperation and guidance.

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