Customers at Phnom Penh SEZ

Many leading international corporations have their Cambodian operations based at Phnom Penh SEZ. Below please find the latest overview.

Company Nationality Industry Type Status
1 WinsunCambodia Taiwan/Vietnam Sanitary Production Domestic Started operation in April2018
2 Avery Dennison RBIS Netherland Apparel and Footwear Labels Supporting Started operation in September2018
3 Moonwish China Wigs Export Preparingfactory operation
4 EnalexEnergy China Solar Handicraft Export Preparingfactory operation
5 ComalexPV Technology China Solar Photovoltaiccells Export Preparingfactory operation
6 P PS E C China Garment Accessories Supporting Preparing factory operation
7 SVI Public en_company Thailand Electrical parts Export Preparing factory operation
8 Yamato Printing Japan Printing Processing Stationary Export Preparing factory operation
9 Shinohara Japan Cosmetic Products Export Preparing factory operation
10 IKEEBitumen Chemical Japan Construction Material Domestic Preparing factory operation
11 J’sFactory Japan Food processing Export Factory construction on going
12 HistarInternational China Stationary Export Factory construction on going
13 ANT Feed Taiwan Animal feed Domestic Factory construction on going
14 Druchem India Medicinal Products Domestic Factory construction on going
15 Solid Technology China Packaging materials Supporting Factory construction on going
16 Oji Packaging Japan Carton Box Domestic Factory construction on going
17 Ring Cambodia Japan Electronica Products Export Preparing factory construction
18 HosidenCambodia Japan Connectors Export Preparing factory construction
19 TOA Coating Thailand Painting Products Domestic Preparing factory construction
20 GomiRecycle Japan Recycle construction material Domestic Preparing factory construction

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