Lok Chumteav Okhna Lim Chhiv Ho, Founder of Phnom Penh Special Economic ZoneWelcome to Cambodia and to its leading Special Economic Zone!

Our ambitious project on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital was approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia on April 19th, 2006, and has since grown to host over 70 international companies today on a modern, fully equipped and safe industrial zone with over 357 hectares in size. 

Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (Phnom Penh SEZ) today is the leading Special Economic Zone in Cambodia, employing over 16.000 Cambodian and international workers and management teams.

We continuously cooperate with investors and the Royal Cambodian government to create a business-friendly environment. Cambodia offers some of the most attractive investment conditions in the world, and we aim to be your first choice when considering to join this exciting market.

Today, we are able to accommodate the largest international companies seeking to benefit from a range of investment incentives, duty exemptions and preferred access to a range of international markets.

For products destined for the domestic market, Phnom Penh SEZ is perfectly located near the capital Phnom Penh with easy access to over 2 million consumers.

We are committed to support your business operations by providing an international and experienced management team with a deep understanding of your expectations and requirements.

Our commitment to you is that we never stop improving Phnom Penh SEZ and our services, and that we will continue to provide you with all the support you need for a successful and prosperous business in Cambodia, in ASEAN and in the world.

I look forward to welcoming you at Phnon Penh SEZ.

Mr. Tan Kak Khun

Mission Statement

With a small but fast growing domestic market of over 15 m people, the Kingdom of Cambodia has emerged as one of the safest and most dynamic economies in the region. An average GDP growth of 8% over the past 10 years has exceeded all expectations, and through its membership in ASEAN (since 1999) and in the World Trade Organization (since 2004), the country has made tremendous progress in integrating its emerging economy into the regional and global trading systems.

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