Vaccination Program Launched in Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ)

With Government’s Instruction to fight against COVID-19, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training in collaboration with Samdech Techo Volunteer Doctors and Nurses, has launched the Vaccination Program inside PPSEZ starting from April 7, 2021. Approximately 35,000 people inside the zone including employees, their family members, foreign expats will be vaccinated.


Vaccination program is one of the powerful tools to combat COVID-19 as well as to prevent everyone from getting COVID-19. The vaccine is also safe and highly effective; therefore, we encourage everyone to receive it as it will protect us, our family and our community from COVID-19.   


In addition to vaccination, we the zone developer, investors, and all employees will continue to strictly follow Government’s Guidance on 3 dos and don’ts. The 3 dos are to wear masks, wash hands regularly, and keep social distancing. The 3 don’ts are to avoid confined spaces, avoid crowded spaces, and avoid touching each other.  


Through working together and strictly following the Government’s Instruction, we will definitely overcome this COVID-19. 

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