27000 people celebrate the Khmer New Year with pretty and talent contest together with top Cambodian stars inside Phnom Penh SEZ

The biggest outdoor concert event of the year celebrates another year of growth and success at Cambodia’s leading international special economic zone

Phnom Penh, 19th March 2018 –Phnom Penh SEZ, the leading special economic zone in Cambodia, will host its 5th annual  Khmer New Year concert and beauty contest this coming Saturday 31st of March. All workers employed at one of Phnom Penh SEZ’s tenant companies are invited to join Sangkranta PPSEZ Idol 2018  Pre-screened and selected participants from various tenant companies at Phnom Penh SEZ will perform in front of a huge crowd, and a jury will be selecting the winners of the competition. Cambodian traditional dance, contemporary dance of talents, professional dancers and Cambodian darling Ms. Khat Sokhim, prominent singer Mr. Preap Sovath and comedian troupe  Peakmi participate in the event. An incredible 27 000 visitors  are expected to attend the star-studded show.

 “We have a deep respect and love for our Phnom Penh SEZ workers. And it is very important for us to work as a team to understand their needs and cooperate with them to improve our work. Celebrating the Khmer new year with Sangkranta PPSEZ Idol 2018 serves to strengthen relationships between our Phnom Penh SEZ team, our workers, investors, stakeholders and our surrounding communities as well as to further good cooperation,” says Hun Chanpey, Senior Manager of Phnom Penh SEZ Plc and organizer of the event. “We look forward to having a great time together”.

Phnom Penh SEZ Chairwoman Lok Chumteav Okhna Lim Chhiv Ho, who had originally initiated the event says “it is a great pleasure for us to arrange this event in its fifth year now to say thank you to all our partners and stakeholders, and to give back to our workers who supported us in the last year. It is our great honor to have invited some important guests with us such as the Minister of Labor and Vocational training, H.E. Ith Sam Heng; the Minister of Women’s Affair, H.E. Dr. Ing Kuntha Phavi; and the Secretary General of the Council for the Development of Cambodia, H.E. Sok Chenda Sophea, Ambassador of numerous Embassies in Cambodia and members of the Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA)”.

“We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for their generous support to make this event possible, and for the fantastic work of our team here at Phnom Penh SEZ - they have tirelessly prepared this concert during the last months,” says Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of Phnom Penh SEZ. “When we launched this event a few years ago, we had an attendance of 10 000 workers. Today we are expecting almost three times the number, and I think this is the largest single community event and concert in Cambodia by now. We are very grateful to all who made this stunning project possible and look forward to a fantastic night”.

More than 80 workers applied to the talent contest this year, and a first round of selection was held on the 11th March, narrowing the applicants down to 20 young woman and 20 male contestants. The second round took place on the 18th March to select the final 10 top talents, who will compete on stage on for the grand finale.



プノンペン経済特区、カンボジア証券取引所のイベントMy First Stock 2018に参加

プノンペン経済特区社は3月4日(日)、カンボジア証券取引所(CSX)が毎年開いているイベントMy First Stock 2018にシルバースポンサーとして参加しました。このイベントは、イオンモールプノンペンのデイライト・プラザを会場とし、カンボジアの証券市場を活性化しようという目的のもと、上場企業や証券会社が協力して開催しました。

イベントでは、カンボジア証券取引委員会のCEOであるHong Sok Hour氏と、事務局長のSou Socheat氏、さらに経済財務省のHean Sahib長官が開会のあいさつに立ちました。


カンボジア政府・反汚職ユニット(ACU)と会合 プノンペン経済特区の入居企業が直面する課題について協議

カンボジア政府の反汚職ユニット(ACU)代表であり上級相のH.E Dr. OM YENTIENGは2月21日午前9時、プノンペン経済特区社の上松裕士CEOと、プノンペン経済特区入居企業のうちACUと反汚職の覚書を交わした15社の代表と協議をしました。

協議の目的は、反汚職の覚書を交わした後、それぞれの企業がどのような問題を経験したのかを報告し、それらの解決策を見出すことでした。すべての報告を聞いた後、ACUのOM YENTIENG代表は、政府関係者が関わったさまざまな問題について遺憾の意を表明しました。さらに代表は、各社が日常の活動の中でこうした問題に直面した際には全力で支援し、解決に向けて協力をする、と述べました。

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