Winner of Design Competition announced

Phnom Penh Special Economy Zone announces winner of design competition for a monument on the main roundabout at the entrance to the industrial zone.

After a long and intense pre-selection process involving dozens of submissions from students, lecturers and graduates of the Royal Univesity of Fine Arts, the winner and runners-up for the design competition for Cambodia's largest industrial monument, to be erected in the coming months, were elected by the jury and the Phnom Penh SEZ management board.


Ly Sokchea
PRIZE: $1000
From Kampot Province
Design lecturer at RUFA

"My work is a combination of the five towers of Angkor Wat temple, surrounded by a ring representing the rising sun of the japanese flag which connects to the outer tower symbols."

The world famous Cambodian towers, shaped in curves resembling the symbol of Phnom Penh SEZ, are held together by the sun, representing the dynamics of the growth of the Cambodian economy now and in future.

Vong Daravy, f
PRIZE: $700
26 years
Born in Phnom Penh
Graduate of RUFA and currently working at Designnet Cambodia

"My work symbolizes a leaf surrounded by the letter C for Cambodia, topped by a Naga symbol rooted in water, and the letter J representing Japan. At the base of the structure, the two merge and are connected by the industrial symbol of our times: a gear wheel. Crowned by a globe withthe Phnom Penh SEZ logo, the structure is surrounded by rings of water representing the buddhist road to happiness, which is immersed in countless Cambodian tales."

The building material is sandstone, the classic Khmer building material used in thousands of temples in the Kingdom.

3rd Prize:
Kong Serey
22 years
Born in Sihanoukville
4th year student at RUFA

"My sculpture symbolizes the Japanese and Cambodian friendship by intertwining two towers, one representing Angkor Wat and the other Japan´s famous Fuji mountain."

To show the evolution from the historical Khmer civilization into the modern Cambodia ofthe 21st century, the lower part is made from sandstone and turns into concrete from the upper half onwards.

The sculpture is surrounded by a ring of water, representing the ocean of life and, in this structure, the future of Cambodia's export driven industry. A recreational area is included inside the ring with fountains and seating areas.

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