Phnom Penh SEZ attracts workers with recreation area, dormitories

Due to increased demand for industrial land at Phnom Penh SEZ and an enormous surge in recruitment offers, Cambodia's leading Special Economic Zone is providing workers with an opportunity to stay and live on site from the end of 2011 on.

Construction began on building the first of a series of dormitories on the grounds of Phnom Penh SEZ, which will provide around 200 rooms for approximately 800 workers after completion of phase one in November. Transportation cost for workers, and security on the way home especially for female workers, played a major role in making the decision to offer accommodation for staff working at Phnom Penh SEZ.

In addition, a recreational area for all workers is currently being put in place on the main roundabout at the entrance to Phnom Penh SEZ, which is currently also subject to a nationwide design competition from within Cambodian artists and architects.

"We are aware that our workers, who are exceptionally loyal and hard working, appreciate the additional comfort and security. The people who work at Phnom Penh SEZ are our partners in growth both for Phnom Penh SEZ and the whole society in Cambodia, and we are glad to reward their contribution to our success by making life easier", says Hiroshi Uematsu, Managing Director of Phnom Penh SEZ. "Currently, leading Japanese industrial groups Minebea and Sumi (Cambodia) Wiring Systems Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sumitomo Group, are recruiting thousands of workers until the end of this year for their newly built factories, and we look forward to accommodating them at our zone".

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