Clarification on the delay in presenting the financial statements reviewed by independent auditors 2nd quarter 2016

The Company wish to inform and clarify to the public and potential investors that the 2nd Quarterly Reports (or herein refer to as the “Q2 Report”) was indeed issued on the 12th August 2016.  However due to technical error and misunderstanding of the disclosure and submission process, and in the absent of appropriate officer from our Company (or the “PPSP”) such as that of our Corporate Disclosure Officer cum Investor Relation Manager was not onboard, it caused such delay in the process of submission and to make timely disclosure, and only until all relevant reports were properly signed on 22nd August 2016 our 2nd Quarterly Reports were submitted and disclosed to Securities & Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) and disclosed on Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX).

The Management of the Company aware of the implication of such delay in releasing the results and has made efforts to ensure such incident will not recur, whereby the Company has fully understood the process of submission procedures with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) for disclosure matters, and at the same time the Company has already appointed a full time Corporate Disclosure Officer / Investor Relation Manager onboard in handling the corporate disclosure and related matters with the authorities, and to deal with the potential investors in public, hence delay in such manner will not be recurred.

Please feel free to contact us should you have queries or you wish to obtain more information from us.  Thank you.


The Management,

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