US ambassador visits Phnom Penh SEZ

US Ambassador to Cambodia, William A. Heidt, visits Cambodia’s leading Special Economic Zone and US companies operating in the industrial park.

Phnom Penh, 7th May 2016 – On Friday the 6th of May, United States Ambassador to Cambodia, Mr. William A. Heidt, visited Phnom Penh SEZ to receive first-hand insight into Cambodia’s most advanced industrial park.

"Phnom Penh SEZ is Cambodia's largest and most successful special economic zone. There are a number of American companies here which have chosen to invest and I think Cambodia's foreign investment zone program is very important for the country’s development. So I wanted to come to see it first-hand," says Ambassador Heidt.

Ambassador Heidt was received by Madam Lok Chumteav Okhna Lim Chhiv Ho, Chairman of Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, and by the Phnom Penh SEZ management team.

"We are very honored to receive the US ambassador today. We are proud to present our company and to have him visit Phnom Penh SEZ," says Madam Lok Chumteav Okhna Lim Chhiv Ho. "The relationship between our two countries has strengthened considerably during the past decade, and the US embassy in Cambodia has always showed great interest in, and support for, the industrial development of Cambodia."

As investment in Phnom Penh SEZ has exceeded overall investment ratios in the Kingdom, the industrial estate hopes that this visit will help raise the identity of Cambodia as an investment destination for US investors as well as with other countries.

"A prime aspect of staying attractive in business is risk management, and diversifying your investor base makes good business sense. The USA remains the world’s largest consumer economy and we are very pleased to stand closer to the US by providing a top regional base for US companies that offers a wide range of investment incentives for those who wish to access the ASEAN region,"  said Stephen Evans, owner representative of Phnom Penh SEZ Plc.

Laurelton Diamonds, Aprati Foods and Coca-Cola are some US companies that have set up their operations in Phnom Penh SEZ. Interest in Cambodia and the Special Economic Zone is rising fast, both from US-based companies and by investors from around the world.

"Cambodia is treating investors well and these early investors tell positive stories to the companies that haven't come here yet. I really believe there is a lot of potential for American investment to grow,"  says Ambassador Heidt.

After visiting the US factories that are operating in Phnom Penh SEZ, the Ambassador shared his feedback about the site: "It's a very impressive facility. These companies are all in different sectors, all bringing a high level of technology and employee benefits to Cambodia. They all have reported very positive experiences with Phnom Penh Special Economic zone, finding Cambodian employees very hard working and efficient. One of the things investors worry about in respect to Cambodia is the level of human resources and this shows me companies are finding ways to solve these problems. That to me is a very positive message."

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