Cambodia’s leading economic zone welcomes representatives of Denmark’s Investment fund for Developing countries (IFU)

Phnom Penh, 28th January 2016 – On Thursday the 21st of January, IFU South Asia Vice President, Ms. Deepa Hingorani, visited Phnom Penh SEZ to evaluate potential project opportunities in the industrial estate.

"We are delighted to welcome a representative from IFU today. We are proud to present our company to Ms. Hingorani and to have her visit our industrial zone," said Stephen Evans, owner representative of Phnom Penh SEZ Plc."IFU is a well-recognized Danish organization operating globally, and we are very glad to meet and build business relations in the near future."

IFU’s objective is to promote economic activities in developing countries, in collaboration with Danish trade and industry organizations. With Cambodia today being a key investment destination for many international companies, Phnom Penh SEZ with its high operational standards is a natural choice for potential investment.

Ms Deepa Hingorani, Vice President of the Investment Fund for developing countries in South Asia, explained why her organization explores the possibility of investing in the Kingdom: "Cambodia has very progressive regulations in place with regard to foreign investments, and this creates an environment conducive to foreign investors. The country may have a limited market potential, but has vast natural resources which can be processed within the country and then exported, and it has an abundant work force."

Since its creation in 1967, the IFU has participated in 115 projects in the South East Asian region. Potentially one more is in the pipeline for Cambodia at Phnom Penh SEZ. “We want to learn about the investment climate and regulatory environment in the country relevant for a foreign investor such as IFU. IFU is currently evaluating a project opportunity in Cambodia which might be located in the Phnom Penh SEZ," said Ms. Hingorani.

After visiting the zone and its infrastructures, Ms Hingorani said: "Phnom Penh SEZ is an attractive option for foreign investors establishing themselves in the country. A comprehensive infrastructure and in-house presence of relevant government department offices facilitate establishment processes, this includes help with obtaining various approvals, recruitment of a workforce, transport of goods in and out of the facility. The zone also provides access to clean water and electricity backup." 

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