A winning night for Phnom Penh SEZ

Cambodia’s most successful special economic zone, aiming to be listed on the Cambodian Stock Exchange, presented their IPO – Initial Public Offer plan to potential investors during gala dinner.

Phnom Penh, 16th November 2015 - 100 guests attended Phnom Penh SEZ's first Investors briefing during a Gala Dinner on the 13th of November in Phnom Penh. Jointly organized by Cambodia’s leading Economic Zone and Cana Securities, one of the underwriting organizations, the dinner was a great opportunity to present Phnom Penh SEZ’s IPO plan to potential investors.

"Our company was founded in 2006, and within two years we developed our infrastructure on 357 hectares. Today, our average gross margin is 40% per annum. Phnom Penh SEZ is the leading SEZ in the country and I believe by opening our capital to the public, we will be stronger and will continue to grow in the future", said Lok Chumteav Okhna Lim Chhiv Ho, Chairwoman of Phnom Penh SEZ, in her opening speech.

Phnom Penh SEZ was converted into a public limited company on 7th of July 2015, and aims to offer up to $11.6 million of shares in an initial public offering on the Cambodian Stock Exchange (CSX).

Mr. Vannarath Vicheth, CEO of Cana Securities, which cooperates with the industrial estate in the intricate process of the IPO, took the podium to give key information to potential investors:

"Since Phnom Penh SEZ made the decision to go public on CSX, the company is working hard to meet the deadlines of this challenging project. We believe that Phnom Penh SEZ industrial park is the best location for a secure investment in the heart of ASEAN".

As the evening came to a close, Carie Phou, Company Secretary and Disclosure Director of Phnom Penh SEZ, was enthusiastic and very optimistic: "Tonight was an exciting moment and a great success for Phnom Penh SEZ, this event allowed us to confirm our reputation among potential investors, who showed great interest in the presentation of our action plan. We are confident and determined. It's a complex process but we still want to go public within this year"

With 77 companies operating in the zone, Phnom Penh SEZ believe that its financial health, its constant growth and its ability to attract major groups such as Coca-Cola, Minebea and more recently Toyota, will be determining advantages to convince the public to invest in its business model.

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