Visiting of Authorities to PPSEZ

This is the first project in 2015 and also the fifth time that PPSEZ has invited local authorities to visit factories in the zone in order to promote job opportunities more. The same as before, the authorities who traveled from 4 different provinces in Cambodia arrived Attwood Business Center at around 3:30PM on 27th April 2015. After all of them arrived, Mrs. Kang Vongdy – Recruitment Officer at PPSEZ did presentation about general information of the zone mostly related to manpower. It was not different from the previous ones. After the orientation, all authorities were picked up to the same hotel (A1) by the rented bus, and then they were invited to join dinner altogether at the booked restaurant (KaKa Suki Soup) in Koh Pich at 6:00 p.m.

In the morning on 28th April 2015, we picked up those commune leaders at the hotel to visit PPSEZ after their breakfast there. First of all, Mr. Charles Esterhoy – Chief Operation Officer of PPSEZ came to welcome and thank all of them for coming to visit our zone. Right after that, we all brought them to visit the above factories following the arranged schedule. The first company that we visited was SUMI (CAMBODIA) WIRING SYSTEM Co., Ltd. During the visit, all of them met with management team and representatives of each factory following their presentation. Especially, they all could see those factories’ workers in their working time, and some of them also met and talked with their daughters and other workers from their own communes openly while visiting Sumi and Artnature. The process of visiting other factories was the same as visiting Sumi. We spent the whole morning visiting five companies in our zone, and the same as fourth time we all enjoyed lunch together at canteen of LAURELTON DIAMONDS (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd. In the end, Ms. Michelle Zhao – Senior Manager Customer Service/Marketing & PR at PPSEZ gave them some gifts for thanking them of visiting our zone and wished them for going back to their home. Last but not Least, Mrs. Kang Vongdy also encouraged them to help promote about job opportunities in PPSEZ to their communes. Meanwhile, they also said they all will share this important information to their villagers after asking a lot of important information related to working condition, accommodation, food, and other benefits during the visit. 

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