Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ) to host staff party for Khmer New Year

More than ten thousand workers to celebrate extraordinary growth since launch of Cambodia’s leading international industrial park on April 5th

Phnom Penh, 10.04.2014 ­– Phnom Penh SEZ, the leading special Economic Zone in Cambodia where some of the world most renowned companies and brands produce for both the domestic market and exporting, hosts a Khmer New Year staff party of previously unseen proportions: more than 10.000 workers are expected to attend the event which features popular stars, performers, entertainers and most importantly: the employees themselves.

“We want to thank our employees for their commitment and for their dedication to Phnom Penh SEZ, which has become one of the most attractive and modern work destinations in Cambodia today. All staffs working here have in the past years, and especially in the last months, shown great unity and support for PPSEZ. We want to further grow our community to continue being an employer of choice for workers throughout the country”, says Carie Phou, Public Relation Director at the zone. “We want to strengthen the bond between PPSEZ, the management, the factories and the employees working here by creating a community event that unites and creates awareness for the many advantages the people working here enjoy.”

A modelling competition involving all factories at PPSEZ has already brought forward hundreds of participants who are training hard to win the title of “THE STARS OF PPSEZ” - and for the opportunity to represent the employees and PPSEZ in public relations and at other events during the coming year. In a tough pre-selection process, the participants will have to recite, dance, sing and model in order to make it to the final stage where the best three teams will be presented to the crowd, and the winner will be voted on.

“Our employees are all highly supportive and committed, and have achieved great results for their various employers in our zone. We would like to celebrate this success together, as they already are the “stars of PPSEZ”. They are the best example that hard work and commitment yields fruits – both for their personal lives and for our international industrial park as a whole”, says Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of PPSEZ. “We have some great companies here, and many more will come. Kyowaseikan, G.S Electech, Soon West, Yamaha, Denso, Minebea and many other international brands are located at PPSEZ, bringing manufacturing in Cambodia to the next level by offering expertise and training to those who are keen to achieve more. We want them all to feel that they are part of a growing, modern work environment that is fully committed to the future.”

Many of the companies at PPSEZ have offered their generous support and gave their employees the opportunity, and time, to prepare for the competition as well as to support the event.

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