Phnom Penh SEZ welcomes government officials

Delegates from 5 Provinces visited Phnom Penh SEZ for a factory tour

Phnom Penh, 2nd March 2017 - Cambodia’s leading economic zone welcomed a government official delegation from 5 major provinces in the Kingdom to present infrastructure, manufacturing operations and recruitment conditions on the site during a day visit.

Following the success of the previous events regularly organized at the zone, the industrial estate hosted this week the 10th edition of its traditional guided tour. A journey co-organized jointly by the Cambodia Taiwan Education and Employment Program (CTEP) and the National Employment Agency (NEA) with the support of Phnom Penh SEZ.

On this occasion, 62 Deputy, Provincial Governors and District Governors, from Siem Reap (13), Battambang (15), Kampong Thom (9), Kampong Cham (11) and Prey Veng (14) provinces gathered at the Special Economic Zone.

The purpose of the event is to familiarize government officials with the factory job and its working conditions and, thereby, help to promote domestic employment for villagers from the countryside and returned emigrant workers from Thailand.

Also, this kind of initiative is made to help foreign companies in Cambodia to recruit workers from more diverse sources, and implement Corporate Social Responsibility by hiring people from poor rural areas.

After a presentation on the investment and recruitment conditions and procedures by Phnom Penh SEZ top management, honorable guests were invited to visit five factories: Japanese automotive components manufacturer Denso, Japanese manufacturer Minebea, American luxury goods retailer Laurelton Diamonds, Japanese hairpiece and wiglets manufacturer Artnature and first Cambodian dairy company Angkor Dairy Products.

Delegates were amazed by the facilities and infrastructures, as well as the working conditions offered by the industrial estate to their workers. After this visit, government officials have promise that they will plan to work closely with local authorities from their respective province to promote job opportunities, advantageous working conditions and benefits to work at Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone.

MOU Signing Ceremony between Poi Pet PPSEZ Co., Ltd. with B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited for POIPET PP SEZ'S Power Transmission & Distribution Development

The Kingdom’s new coming special economic zone operator under Phnom Penh SEZ PLC., recently enter into Memorandum of Understanding with a leading energy company in Thailand.

Phnom Penh, 20th February 2017 – On Monday 20th, Poi Pet PPSEZ Co., Ltd., a Poipet PP SEZ operator and developer wholly owned by Phnom Penh SEZ PLC. (CSX: PPSP), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited, a leading energy company in Thailand formalizing the parties’ cooperation in the development of power transmission & distribution exclusively inside new coming Poipet PP SEZ.

Under the MoU, both parties agree to conduct a feasibility study on the development, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance of power distribution system and/or power generation projects locate inside new coming Poipet PP SEZ which, once operated, shall supply power under terms and conditions of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) only for the customers inside Poipet PP SEZ.

The signing ceremony was attended by Chairman of Phnom Penh SEZ PLC. Lok Chumteav Oknha Lim Chhiv Ho, President of B. Grimm Power Public Company Limited Ms. Preeyanart Soontornwata, and senior managements for both parties.

B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited is a member of B. Grimm Group, which has been operating in Thailand for over 139 years, and its core business is power generation and distribution to support the power industry which is vital to industrial sector in Thailand. The competitive strengths and distinction which have been the foundation for B. Grimm Power’s sustainable and efficient growth and expansion are our high caliber management and operation teams with their diversified skills and experience which have been with the company for more than 20 years. Other contributing factors are the fact that we have our own operation and maintenance teams; the use of modern technology and high performance machines in line with international standards; the ability to ensure maximum generating and distribution capacity based on efficient power grid development and effective steam distribution system; and our focus on selling electricity to industrial customers located in close proximity to the power plants.

Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate started its development with only 49 h.a. land in 1989.  B. Grimm started its 1st power plant operation in 1995 in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate and play an important role to help Amata Corporation PCL to become a household name for industrial estate developer. Currently, Amata Industrial Estate up to 4,120 h.a. hosting more than 500 manufacturers who produce high value-added products such as Bridgestone Tire, Colgate-Palmotive, Daikin, Denso, Hitachi Elevator, Mitsubishi Electric, Nippon Paint, Toyota, etc.

Today, B. Grimm Power operates 28 power plants, comprising 12 cogeneration combined cycle plants, 15 solar power plants and one diesel plant, producing a total of 1,626 megawatts of electricity and 350 tonnes per hour of steam. All power stations developed by the company are located in major industrial estates, including Amata Nakorn, Amata City, Bangkadi Industrial Park, Hemaraj Chonburi, Laem Chabang, where customers enjoy the advantage of lower production costs and higher reliability. The company has a strong relationship with industrial estate developers and currently serves more than 300 industrial customers.

011By 2021, the company is expected to have a total of 43 projects at a cost of some 59 billion Baht with a combined generating capacity of 2,383.3 megawatts, consisting of 2,137.5 megawatts from cogeneration combined cycle plants, 114.2 megawatts from solar power plants, 102.6 megawatts from hydropower power plants, 16.0 megawatts from wind farms and 13.0 megawatts from diesel power plant, together with 500 tonnes per hour of steam.

It intends to invest into Cambodia by starting from transmission and distribution services exclusively in Poipet PP SEZ, since Poipet has good potential to attract manufacturers who produce high value-added products from Thailand.

Located in close proximity to the Thai border with direct access to the future Asian highway No.1, Poipet PP SEZ meets the demands of higher technology manufacturers currently operating in Thailand as well as those who in the near future want to benefit from a highly strategic location in the midst of the Asean Economic Community (AEC).

Phnom Penh SEZ PLC. welcomes Press & Media Agencies from Thailand

Phnom Penh SEZ Office, 8th February 2017 –  Group of Press & top-tier media agencies from Thailand, as organized by Kasikorn Bank team, visited Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ). The visitors were welcomed by our senior management team to discuss and exchange view on investment incentive in Cambodia and in Phnom Penh SEZ.


The industrial estate, actively involved in community life around the zone, has opened a library in local village's school.

Phnom Penh, 29th December 2016 – This Thursday, a Phnom Penh SEZ team, including some of its top management, gathered for the opening ceremony of a new library at Angsdok Primary School, in Trapoengpor Village.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr Hem Darith, Posenchey district governor and Mr. Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of Phnom Penh SEZ PLC, and attended by a crowd of 100 children, teachers and parents.

"Today is an important day for me to be here at the opening ceremony of the library of Angsdok Primary school.  Libraries clearly have a central role to play in children’s daily life. It provides them not only with recreational material but also with educational resources," said Hiroshi Uematsu.

The new library, representing a total investment of almost $12, 000 and whose building work was completed on the 20th of December, will now open its doors to offer a place of culture and books for 434 kids at Angsdok Primary School. In February 2016, Phnom Penh SEZ already financed, built and equipped another library in the local primary school of Ang Boeng Chok, in Chum Teav Mao village.

"We constantly engage with the community of Khan Posenchey, and over the past years we have undertaken small but significant projects that help to make this a better place to be. PPSEZ is not just an industrial park, it is also a main actor in local community life,"  said Uematsu.

Since 2009, in addition to the two library constructions, 6 other social projects have been set up by the industrial estate, including; improving roads conditions, developing garden areas and building new washroom facilities for several surrounding schools.

When the event came to a close, Hiroshi Uematsu shared his positive impressions, "We are delighted to contribute to this kind of initiative, seeing all the kids smiling today makes it already a success. PPSEZ seeks to be a better corporate citizen through our program of public works and we will keep participating to meliorate the life of the surrounding community as much as we can in the future years."

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