9th Project of Corporate Social Responsibility

Cambodia’s leading industrial estate financed, built and equipped a library in a local Junior High School.
Phnom Penh, 16th December 2017 
- On Saturday the 16th of December 2017, a Phnom Penh SEZ team including top management gathered for the inauguration ceremony of a new library at Ovlaok Junior High School, in Tropiang po village, Ovloak Commune, Posenchey District, Phnom Penh.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mr. Hem Darith, Posenchey district governor and Mr. Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of Phnom Penh SEZ PLC.

In front of a crowd of about 150 students, teachers and community adults, Mr. Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. mentioned about the importance of reading, and left the students with a “Read then Talk” challenge. That is to read any books they like and gather to talk about the books once a week. He wanted everyone to have a reading habit.

The library, which was completed on the 28th of November 2017, will now open its doors to offer a place of recreation, reading and research for about 100 students, 15 teachers in the Junior High School, as well as the general public. The company wants it to be not only a library of Ovloak Junior High School, but also the library of Ovloak commune as a whole.

This library project cost about USD 12,000 including expenses on building construction, furniture, and books. This year we involved our staffs working in the company in this charity by receiving their donations of books as well. Among the 674 books, 231 books were received as donation.

Since we first started this CSR project in 2009, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. has been helping to meet some of the needs our local communities are having. We highly hope this small contribution would help make a difference in the life of our communities.

Phnom Penh SEZ Displays Slogan Banners of Anti-Corruption for Celebrating National Anti-Corruption Day

In order to set an example for private sector in joining the combat against corruption, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. decided to sign MOU with Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) on 23 February 2015. Cambodia set 9 December as a “National Anti-Corruption Day”. This year the same as previous year, ACU will celebrate National Anti-Corruption Day 9 December 2017 by cooperation with ministries, public organization, and private sector. In joining this celebration, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. also displays a number of banners showing the slogans of anti-corruption in PPSEZ. We are fully committed in joining with ACU for fighting against corruption in this country.

Phnom Penh SEZ welcomes business leaders from Thailand

3-day event held this week within the Kingdom’s leading economic zone: “Thai - Cambodian power: the trade opportunity within reach”

Phnom Penh, 22nd November 2017 – Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. is honored to welcome a group of Thai business leaders led by The Bangkok Post Group and Asset Pro Management Co., Ltd (APM) who are exploring business opportunities in Cambodia.

Lok Chumteav Oknha Lim Chhiv Ho, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc’s Chairwoman, will deliver a welcome speech and the senior management will give corporate presentations and organize a tour of the Economic Zone’s facilities.  

The Bangkok Post Group is the publisher and distributors of the Bangkok Post - a leading daily English-language newspaper in Thailand - and various newspapers targeting business oriented readers and students.

APM is a Thai Independent Licensed Financial Advisor. It is specialized in financial consulting services for companies and/or individuals, seeking for optimal alternative financial solutions for their businesses. APM plans on expanding their services throughout all CLMV countries.

Bangkok Post Group, along with APM, is holding the three-day event aiming to provide an overview of the business landscape in Cambodia and the CLMVT. The event will be held on November 22-24 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The schedule includes a seminar focusing on trade policies of Cambodia and Thailand, Business matching, as well as field trips in Phnom Penh. Lok Chumteav Oknha Lim Chhiv Ho will highlight the main assets of the economic zone by giving a presentation about “Phnom Penh SEZ: A golden location in ASEAN” during the seminar.

“This event is a great opportunity for us to promote Cambodia and Phnom Penh SEZ to potential investors. We hope this will foster foreign direct investments and further boost the economy of the Kingdom,” says Mr. Fong Nee Wei, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc’s CFO.

Indian Pharmaceutical Plant to Set up in Phnom Penh SEZ

The Kingdom’s leading economic zone will soon host a new Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

Phnom Penh, 20th November 2017 – A new long-term lease of land agreement has been signed between Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. and VTSIX GROUP on the 8th November to establish a WHO GMP compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. The Indian company, VTSIX GROUP, is specialized in the production of oral pharmaceuticals, including tablets, capsules and syrups. The company brings its years-long expertise in the medical industry and will invest in the healthcare sector in Cambodia, hoping to produce up to 500 million units per year in the form of capsules, tablets or syrups - a solid output that will be reached by employing 25 well-trained and qualified workers.

Operations are to launch in 2018.

“We are glad to welcome a modern pharmaceutical company from India here in our international economic zone, and we will provide our full support to VTSIX GROUP to successfully launch and conduct their manufacturing here in Phnom Penh SEZ. We wish the company all success and prosperity on their Cambodia project, which in turn will help create more career opportunities for Cambodian people and promote the development of the country,” says Hiroshi Uematsu, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. CEO.

Phnom Penh SEZ Enhances Human Resources Development

The Kingdom’s leading international economic zone signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Japanese and Thai organizations to develop dedicated training programs for Cambodian worker

Bangkok, 14th  November 2017 – On the 14th of November, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. was signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand - Japan)-(TPA) and the Japan Thailand Economic Cooperation Society (JTECS) in the head quarter of Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) -(TPA) in Bangkok.

The Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) - (TPA) is an organization based in Bangkok, has more than 40 years’ experience in providing services related to education, training, consulting and corporate communication while the Japan-Thailand Economic Cooperation Society (JTECS) was established in the year of 1972 in  Tokyo, Japan aims to foster the economic and technological development of Thailand and its neighboring countries, as well as to contribute to the promotion of friendship among these countries..

The goal of this collaboration is to build a tailor-made training program for Cambodian workers. The three organizations will be working hand in hand to develop a general vocational training plan as well as basic training of soft and hard skills.

Initially, the “New Workers Development Program” will be launched this upcoming January 2018. The course is mainly designed to provide workers with basic knowledge of work organization and skills including teamwork, basic safety, basic 5S, grooming and personal hygiene, positive attitude and work ethics. The training will also include various workshops, case studies, role-plays as well as practical exercises.

“This partnership is a fabulous opportunity for Phnom Penh SEZ to further professionalize the workforce within our sites. We are sure it will contribute to boost workers’ productivity and motivation, improve safety in our factories. As we continue to grow, we hope that our continued efforts to improve the skills and knowledge of workers within Phnom Penh SEZ will pave the way for more foreign direct investments in Cambodia as a whole,” says Hiroshi Uematsu, Phnom Penh SEZ CEO.

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