Customers at Phnom Penh SEZ

Many leading international corporations have their Cambodian operations based at Phnom Penh SEZ. Below please find the latest overview.

1.Cambodia Success IndustryMalaysiaWire meshDomesticNov 2008
2.New Evergreen IndustrialTaiwan/
Garment (Jeans)ExportJan 2009
3.Ji-XiangTaiwanCarton boxSupportingApr 2009
4.CamboxSingaporePlastic containerDomesticJun 2009
5.Wen YunTaiwanHangerSupportingMar 2010
6.Clean CircleJapanLady shoesExportMar 2010
7.Sin Chn Hong Plastics IndustryTaiwanShoe soleSupportingApr 2010
8.Ajinomoto CambodiaJapanFood processingDomesticOct 2010
9.Haru Phnom Penh Comic CenterJapanComic reuse, E-comicExportNov 2010
10.Shin Feng PaperTaiwanCarton boxSupportingJan 2011
11.Atlas IceMalaysiaIceDomesticJan 2011
12.Minebea CambodiaJapanSmall size motorExportApr 2011
13.Redian IndustrialKoreaPlastic packageSupportingApr 2011
14.Sichuan New Hope Agribusiness CambodiaChina/JapanAnimal feedDomesticJul 2011
15.O & M CambodiaJapanLeather productExportJan 2012
16.Marunix CambodiaJapan (Hong Kong)Wire harnessExportFeb 2012
17.Kyowaseikan CambodiaJapanBox and packagingExportFeb 2012
18.Sunhsin Tread and StringChinaTread and stringSupportingFeb 2012
19.PP Printing and PackagingSingapore/ChinaApparel labelSupportingFeb 2012
20.Sumi Cambodia Wiring SystemsJapanWire harness for automobileExportApr 2012
21.Soon-West CambodiaJapan/KoreaEarphone for mobile phoneExportApr 2012
22.Japan Rocks S.E.A. Phnom PenhJapanLady wearExportApr 2012
23.Jia Long Plastic ProductsChinaPlastic packageSupportingJul 2012
24.Mega Labels & Stickers CambodiaMalaysiaLabel & stickerExportAug 2012
25.Liwayway Cambodia Food IndustryPhilippinesSnack FoodDomesticNov 2012
26 .Footmark CambodiaJapanGarmentExportFeb 2013
27.GS Electech CambodiaJapanWire harnessExportJul 2013
28.DENSO CambodiaJapan (Singapore)Automobile partsExportJul 2013
29.Taiwa Seiki CambodiaJapanRice-polish machineDomesticAug 2013
30.Lecien CambodiaJapanLady underwearExportOct 2013
31.Marusan Phnom Penh PlasticJapanAutomobile partsExportOct 2013
32.Tanaka Foresight CambodiaJapanOptical parts for eyeglassesExportNov 2013
33.Taica CambodiaJapanShock absorber for shoesExportNov 2013
34.Maru-T Otsuka Phnom PenhJapanPainting toolsExportNov 2013
35.Phnom Penh CombiJapanBaby goods & toysExportJan 2014
36.Taiyo KogyoJapanFlexible container bagExportFeb 2014
37.Stratco CambodiaAustraliaMetal building materialsExportFeb 2014
38.CH Steel Wire Industries CambodiaMalaysiaWire meshDomesticApr 2014
39.Laurelton DiamondUSADiamond polishExportMay 2014
40.Nikko-Kinzoku CambodiaJapanLost-wax castingExportJun 2014
41.Meikodo CambodiaJapanPinExportJun 2014
42.Kousei Plastic CambodiaTaiwanPlastic productsExport/
Sep 2014
43.Take off CambodiaJapanStuffed animalsExportNov 2014
44.Rohto-MentholatumJapanEye dropDomesticDec 2014
45.Heiko CambodiaJapanPackaging productsExport/
Dec 2014
46.Printe CambodiaJapanElectrical partsExportJan 2015
47.Shinih CambodiaTaiwanNon-woven fabricExportJan 2015
48.Yi Zhixin Non-wovenTaiwanNon-woven fabricExportJan 2015
49.Midori Technopark CambodiaJapanAutomobile Interior TrimExportFeb 2015
50.Heng Yang Cotton and PlasticChinaThreadExportFeb 2015
51.Kanejyu CambodiaJapanGarmentExportMay 2015
52.Artnature CambodiaJapanHair pieceExportMay 2015
53.Rokko PhoenixJapanShoesExportJun 2015
54.Betagro CambodiaThailandAnimal feedDomesticAug 2015
55.Kuipo CambodiaJapanLeather Bags and WalletsExportAug 2015
56.Okato CambodiaJapanHousehold ProductionExportSep 2015
57.Angkor Dairy ProductsVietnam/
Dairy productsDomesticOct 2015
58.Aprati Foods CambodiaUSACandyDomesticNov 2015
59.Cambodia Beverage CompanyUSAFood & beverageDomesticDec 2015
60.Nisshoku CambodiaJapanDietary supplementExportDec 2015
61.Herba CambodiaNetherlandsRice MillExportJul 2017
62.YHS (Cambodia) Food & BeverageSingaporeFood & beverageExport/
Aug 2017
63.Masakatsu KouzaiJapanSteelExportSep 2017
64.Bao Di PaperChinaPackaging materialsSupportingSep 2017
65.SVI Public CambodiaThailandElectrical partsExportFactory construction on going
66.Winsun CambodiaTaiwanSanitary productionExportFactory construction on going
67.Yamato PrintingJapanPrinting Processing StationaryExportFactory construction on going
68.ShinoharaJapanCosmetic ProductsExportPreparing factory construction
69.IKEE Paving SystemsJapanConstruction MaterialDomesticPreparing factory construction
70.J's FactoryJapanFood ProcessingExportPreparing factory construction
71.Ring CambodiaJapanElectronic ProductsExportPreparing factory construction
72.Hosiden CambodiaJapanConnectorsExportPreparing factory construction
73.Walita ToysChinaToysExportPreparing factory construction
74.Thai President foodThailandInstant NoodleDomesticInvestment application in process
75.Sankei EngineeringJapanPrecision PartsExportInvestment application in process
76.Ha ShenChinaPackaging materialsSupportingInvestment application in process
77.Sankyo RadiatorJapanAutomobile partsExportInvestment application in process
78.Histar InternationalChinaStationaryExportInvestment application in process
79.Asian Nutrition TechnologiesTaiwanAnimal feedDomesticInvestment application in process
80.Yamaha Motor CambodiaJapanMotorbike assemblyDomesticProject Pending
81.Medipro CambodiaJapanGarmentExportProject Pending
82.Ruey Chang CambodiaNew ZealandJewelry CarvingExportProject Pending
83.Avery Dennison RBISThe USAWarehouseExportMay 2017
84.GMAC(Garment Manufacturers
Associations In Cambodia)
CambodiaTraining CenterDomesticJune 2017
85.Toyota CambodiaJapanBonded warehouseDomesticAug 2017
86.O&G ArchitectsSingaporeBusiness complexDomesticConstruction on going
87.Kingtel TelecommunicationsChinaDatabase CenterDomesticConstruction on going
88.Khmer Innovative ServiceJapanHotelDomesticConstruction on going

Mission Statement

With a small but fast growing domestic market of over 15 m people, the Kingdom of Cambodia has emerged as one of the safest and most dynamic economies in the region. An average GDP growth of 8% over the past 10 years has exceeded all expectations, and through its membership in ASEAN (since 1999) and in the World Trade Organization (since 2004), the country has made tremendous progress in integrating its emerging economy into the regional and global trading systems.

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